Scholarship Program overview

Sree Vidyodaya Sabha was started by the founder President Late Sri Panditha Rathnam Dharmakari Sreeman Kasturi Rangachar at Mysore on 1st of April 1906 with the intention of providing scholarships, Hostel facility, books, and other necessities to Parakala Mateeya students who were economically weak. The initiative was funded by the followers of Parakala Math and was soon introduced in the three states of Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh and Tamil Nadu. It is an amazing feat that the Sabha has been in existence for a century now and has grown from strength to strength over time. Since Sree Vidyodaya Sabha’s inception, more than 15,000 students have completed their higher education (PUC, Diploma, Graduation, Master’s Degree Engineering and Medicine ) with the Sabha’s assistance and are either gainfully employed, or pursuing higher studies or other career options. Many of them are also actively contributing to the scholarships today!

Memorial Scholarship Program

Donors have the option of naming a scholarship after a family member or a loved one. The Sabha will identify a student that meets the criteria suggested by the donor (gender, type of study, state or a particular college etc.,) and ensure that the scholarship is given.

Special Financial Assistance:

Our Sabha also gives financial help to one or two merited students more especially in the rural areas to meet their educational expenses. The criterion is that the parent(s) should not have the financial capacity to educate their child further even though the child is doing well in School and college. There is no particular limit to the assistance. However, as a matter of practice the amount is restricted to Less than R 10,000/-

Accommodation at Modern Hostel at Mysore:

The Hostel at Mysore has been constructed at Mysore at a considerable cost. There are 8 rooms that can accommodate 6 students each. Each room has been provided at nominal cost with modern facilities like 24 hour water supply, latest toilets, bunk beds and a mezzanine floor with a separate cubicle for each student for undisturbed study for each student. The Hostel is open for only Brahmin community of the three sects namely Srivaishnavas, Smarthas and Madhwas. Strict conditions apply for admission. The application can be had from the downloads section (Downloads)

How to apply

Students may contact the office of Sree Vidyodaya Sabha mentioned in the Contact section.   After checking the eligibility of the applicant, the student will receive scholarship. (Application can be downloaded under downloads category)

Please contact the office for further information on donating to a needy student.

Click Here for Hostel Application Click Here for Financial Application