Members 2015-2018

Members of the executive committee for 2015-2018

SI No Honorary Post Sriyuths
1 President S .V. Narasimhan
2 Vice President Ravindra Krishna
3 Vice President K Kasturi Rangachar
4 Secretary Chakravarty Srinivasan
5 Treasurer N. Ramakrishna
6 E.C.Member P.R. Srinivasan
7 E.C.Member G. Rajesh (Deceased)
8 E.C.Member K.S. Rajan
9 E.C.Member B.V. Ramalatha
10 E.C.Member H.R. Krishna Prasad
11 E.C.Member D.S.Nagaraj
12 E.C.Member C S Sridhar
13 E.C.Member Bagur Srinivasan
14 E.C.Member Vani Jayagopal
15 E.C.Member C N Srivatsa
16 E.C.Member M R V Seshan
17 Co-opted E.C.Member T Sunderarajan
18 Co-opted E.C.Member K S Bhagawan
19 Co-opted E.C.Member G S Balakrishna


President’s Address at the GBM:

Hon. President expressed satisfaction on the speedy completion of Mysore Hostel and thanked Sri G S Jaisimha and Sri G S Balakrishna for the same. He also recollected the selfless services of late Sri H Krishnamurthy, former Hon Secretary of the Sabha. He requested the members to continue their moral and financial support to the Sabha. Ordinary members were requested to donate further amount and achieve the status of Donor or Patron. This is desirable considering the increase in scholarship amount for various courses and the expenses towards running of the Mysore Hostel. The Hon Sec also informed the members that a total amount of Rs.1,53,000/- was received as donations and thanked all the members and requested their continued support.